How to establish your brand, decrease your debt, and increase your wealth.

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Our Personal Finances are intimidating. But they don't have to be.

Seventy-percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and four in 10 are unable to cover a $400 emergency without a credit card or personal loan. The average household spends $460/mo. on credit and student loan debt or almost $5,500 a year! Having spent my 20s buried $30,000 in debt in the middle of a recession, I know how scary it is to live paycheck-to-paycheck. 

Luckily, a decade of experience as a performance Auditor, Data- and Financial- Analyst showed me a different reality was possible. I became a self-taught debt management and credit card expert on my way to reading 15+ investment and money books (and writing three of my own), adopting the personal finance systems recommended by industry experts, creating multiple income streams through my brand, and turning my financial life around.

I believe you can do it too, and I'll show you how-to with each of these tailored programs.