I teach systems that help employees and entrepreneurs decrease their debt and increase their wealth.

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Our Personal Finances are intimidating. But they don't have to be.

Seventy-percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and four in 10 are unable to cover a $400 emergency without a credit card or personal loan. The average household spends $460/mo. on credit and student loan debt or almost $5,500 a year! Having spent my 20s buried $30,000 in debt in the middle of a recession, I know how scary it is to live paycheck-to-paycheck. 

Luckily, a decade of experience as an auditor, data- and financial- analyst showed me a different reality was possible. I became a self-taught credit and debt management expert on my way to reading 15+ investment and money books (and writing three of my own), adopting the experts' personal finance systems, and turning my life around in the process.

I believe you can do it too, and I'll show you how step-by-step.

Debt Costs You More Than Money

The average household has over $40,000 in credit and student loan debt. Did you know that making only the minimum payment on a $15,000 credit card debt will take 50+ years to pay off and cost you $43,000+ in interest?

D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying

How I Buried Myself $30,000 in Debt and Dug My Way Out

My D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying videos cover the key lessons from my #1 Amazon Best-Selling book in "Personal Budgeting." You'll learn how to quickly raise your score, the two key factors that are 70-percent of your credit score, what lenders put on your credit report and how to fix their errors, and my proven 4-step system to reach debt-freedom.

Raise Your Credit Score

How I Achieved an 800 FICO Credit Score

During your lifetime, a bad credit score may cost your household an additional six figures in interest. My courses cover the math and mindset you need to put your debt behind you for good. And, I'll show you easy ways to keep enjoying your money and your life while reaching financial independence.

What You Will Learn

System (n.) - a set of processes working together to strategically move you from goal-setting to goal-achievement.

  • My 4-step debt-free system that helped pay off over $30,000 in debt and increase my credit score to an 800+ FICO.

  • Detailed video reviews of my favorite money and investment books, specific Calls to Actions, and a breakdown of how to apply the expert's wealth-building systems in your life.

  • The systems that allowed me to start an award-winning personal finance business that lead to over 2-million podcast downloads, speaker and TV appearances, and multiple income streams.

  • The saving and investment systems and financial plan template we established within our own household to increase our net worth to six figures and growing on auto-pilot (even during the pandemic!).

  • Community. Accountability. Action. Results!

Increase Your Net Worth

How I Climbed From $30,000 in Debt to Six Figure Wealth

After graduating from college, I went on to increase my salary by over 400%.

“The first $100,000 is a b*tch, but you gotta do it. I don’t care what you have to do—if it means walking everywhere and not eating anything that wasn’t purchased with a coupon, find a way to get your hands on $100,000. After that, you can ease off the gas a little bit.” - Charlie Munger, American Investor

Somebody has to be great today. Why not you?