The Five Elements

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  • Consultation - 30min introductory call complimentary with your enrollment.

  • Condition - reviews your business outcomes and determines the exact issues keeping you from meeting your goals.

  • Root Cause - based on the KPIs that scaled my six-figure brand in less than 12 months, we'll adapt a step-by-step KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system for your business.

  • Consequence - identifies exactly how much the Root Cause costs your business each month and how to stop the bleeding.

  • Corrective Actions - walk away from your one-on-one coaching with specific Calls to Action and a written (PDF) plan for implementation!


What Students Are Saying

$10,000 Above the Posted Amount!

by Jamil, Industry Relations Manager (@JamilHooper)

Not only did The Marcus Garrett assist in my preparation during the interview process, but with his coaching and direction I was able to negotiate a salary 10k above the posted amount.

I Doubled My Salary

by Ali

So glad I watched your previous show when I did. I followed your recommendations and received over 50% on my first departure. Left and got a promotion with another roughly 25% salary bump plus sweet sign on bonus. I essentially doubled my salary in less than 14 months.

Pretty Special Moment

by Annonymous

I negotiated a salary increase after listening to pointers from The Future Rich podcast (Barbara Ginty, CFP) and The Marcus Garrett. Pretty special moment for me. Thanks.

Your Financial Tips Were CLUTCH!

by Priscilla, CPA (@Priscilla_Suggs_CPA_LLC)

Really value the stat-based content you publish! Your "Life After Debt" course provided game changing financial hacks for this (also) senior millennial, lol. Your financial tips were CLUTCH! I'm winning with the great content, humor, and relatable anecdotes in your program!!!

Millionaire Interviews

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    The Millionaires Money Makers

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    • How to Build Wealth with Index Funds ft. Millionaire, Jeremy Schneider

    • How I Made $250,000 in Affiliate Sales in 12 Months

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The Marcus Garrett

Coach Bio

After surviving the mean streets of the inner suburbs, Marcus Garrett obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and went on to become a multi-award-winner (Best New Personal Finance Podcast; and Best Millennial or Gen Z Blog - Plutus Awards; Story of the Year - GoBankingRates) and best-selling author (D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying). In 2021, he incorporated and scaled his own six-figure brand at "The Marcus Garrett Show." He has shared his expertise at companies like CBS News, Google, Yahoo Finance, and many more.