Americans Are Back In Serious Debt

Half of Americans are dependent on credit to cover essential living expenses.


Great intro on how to realize and begin to become debt free

by Valerie Watkins

It is funny and practical about how easily it is to get into debt. Which the author has hilarious stories that are very relatable. I recommend this if you are looking to figure out where to begin to get out of debt but also if you are trying to create a budget and stick to it.

Very enjoyable!


Practical financial information & very entertaining. Marcus approach to getting out of debt is simple & easy to apply to any debt free plan.

Very candid

by Tracey N.

The author is very candid about how he got into debt. Things a lot of us do when we are young or just not being responsible. Through his missteps, he shows you what to do and what not to do.

Good advice

by Kimmy

This had some very good advice. I did not go to university so I do not have large debt but this advice can be applied in other areas of my life.

What You'll Learn

Course Curriculum

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    • How to Use this Mini-Course

  • 2

    How To Increase Your Credit Score

    • Understanding Your Credit

    • D.E.B.T. Free Introduction

    • D - Define the Problem

    • Week 1: Calls to Action

    • E - Establish a Plan

    • Week 2: Calls to Action

    • B - Build a Budget (But You Probably Don't Need a Budget)

    • Week 3: Calls to Action

    • T - Trust the Process

    • Week 4: The Wrap-Up

  • 3

    Inspirational Stories

    • Life After Debt

    • I'm $1,000,000 in Debt and 29 Years Old

    • From Debt to Wealth: $45,000 Paid Off in 17 Months

    • $123,000 Paid Off In 12 Months (The Debt Snowball)

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    Continue Learning

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Your Instructor

The Marcus Garrett, LLC.

After surviving the mean streets of the inner suburbs, Mr. Garrett obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and went on to become a #1 bestselling author with his book D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying, an award-winning personal finance writer for Best Millennial or Gen Z Blog, and the creator of multiple monetized online businesses and brands. He has professional training experience as an Innovation and Staff Development Manager. And, as the child of a college professor, he has literally been lectured all his life. However, you can find evidence of him speaking professionally at organizations as well-known as Google, Yahoo Finance, CBS News, and many more.