A Good Mentor

A trusted adviser.

  • Respectfully challenges your assumptions while encouraging you to dream bigger.

  • Develops you for continuous personal growth and improvement.

  • Trains you to ask better questions; not just give you the answers.

  • Prepares you to become a life long student who eventually is ready to ascend into the mentor role for individuals in your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Office Hours (READ ME!)

    • Welcome: Office Hours Intro

  • 2

    Mentorship Resources

    • Introduction

  • 3

    Personal Finances

    • Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche (And Which Saves You More Money)

    • How to Increase Your Credit Score

    • Making Sense of Affiliate Income (Passive Income)

    • Struggling on $500,000 a Year

  • 4

    Investing Made Easy

    • Investing Made Easy

    • Stock and Options Trading

  • 5

    Ask a Certified Financial Planner

    • Financial Planning 101 (Bonus: Free Course Offer Inside)

    • Investment Tips for Beginners

    • Wealth Partners, CFP

    • Accounting & Financials for Creatives, CPA

    • How to Find a Certified Financial Planner (Fee Only)

What’s In It For You

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  • Personal Finances - the money plan you or your household puts together for budgeting, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, and much more.

  • Personal Guides - a source of support as role models or as sources of motivation and inspiration.

  • Personal Advisors - serve as an emotional outlet or sounding board, offer friendship and/or provide acceptance and confirmation of capabilities.

  • Mentors - provide the protégé with a wide range of career and social support. Your mentor may be a person outside of your workplace. Do not limit yourself or your network.

  • Career Advisors - support is predominantly instrumental and career-related, involving job or professional needs. As a result, these relationships may be shorter in duration; and serve a specific purpose.

  • Career Guides - give professional/personal development advice that is often triggered by specific events, like a career crisis/pivot, salary negotiation, performance review, or a critical career change.

Your Instructor

The Marcus Garrett

After surviving the mean streets of the inner suburbs, Mr. Garrett obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and went on to become an award-winning writer and best-selling author. Previously, he was an Innovation and Staff Development Manager for a team of 80 FTE. As the child of a college professor, he has literally been lectured all his life but has also formally spoken at Google, Yahoo Finance, CBS News, and more. Marcus believes you can be informed and entertained. His online course offerings do both.