What Students Are Saying

$10,000 Above the Posted Amount!

by Jamil, Industry Relations Manager (@JamilHooper)

Not only did The Marcus Garrett assist in my preparation during the interview process, but with his coaching and direction I was able to negotiate a salary 10k above the posted amount.

I Doubled My Salary

by Ali

So glad I watched your previous show when I did. I followed your recommendations and received over 50% on my first departure. Left and got a promotion with another roughly 25% salary bump plus sweet sign on bonus. I essentially doubled my salary in less than 14 months.

Pretty Special Moment

by Annonymous

I negotiated a salary increase after listening to pointers from The Future Rich podcast (Barbara Ginty, CFP) and The Marcus Garrett. Pretty special moment for me. Thanks.

Your Financial Tips Were CLUTCH!

by Priscilla, CPA (@Priscilla_Suggs_CPA_LLC)

Really value the stat-based content you publish! Your "Life After Debt" course provided game changing financial hacks for this (also) senior millennial, lol. Your financial tips were CLUTCH! I'm winning with the great content, humor, and relatable anecdotes in your program!!!

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Course Curriculum

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    Office Hours and Coaching

    • Office Hours (Read Me!)

    • Mentorship and Coaching Templates

  • 2

    Investing Made Simple

    • How to Use the Stock Market to Earn Up to $1,000 a Day

    • How to Build Wealth with Index Funds ft. Personal Finance Club

    • How To Build Generational Wealth with the Investor's Toolkit ft. Financial Advisor, Kevin L. Matthews II

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    Financial Planning Made Simple

    • The Tax Free Blueprint ft. the Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    • How to Find a (Fee Only) Certified Financial Planner

    • [Free Offer Inside] Ask a Certified Financial Planner: Financial Planning 101

  • 4

    Personal Finances Made Simple

    • How to Create Automatic Passive Income: Making Sense of Affiliate Income

    • How to Save The Most Money: Debt Snowball vs. Debt Avalanche

    • How to Increase Your Credit Score

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    Calls to Action

    • Welcome

    • 10 SMART Goals Scaled The Marcus Garrett Show to a Six Figure Brand

    • How Podcasts Make Money ft. Innovative Wealth

    • How We Built a $250,000 Funnel

    • $200,000 in Affiliate Sales in 12 Months

    • How Much Home, Car, or Debt Can You Afford on a 30, 50, or $100,000 Salary?

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How Cost of Living Calculators Can Increase Your Income

In this Office Hour, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data showed a $130,000 salary in New York City is a comparable salary of $67,000 in Chicago, IL; $58,000 in Atlanta, GA; or $55,000 in Austin, TX.

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  • Personal Finances - the money plan you or your household puts together for budgeting, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, and much more.

  • Personal Guides - a source of support as role models, motivation, and inspiration.

  • Personal Advisors - an emotional outlet or sounding board, and/or provide acceptance and confirmation of capabilities.

  • Mentors - provide the protégé with a wide range of career and social support. Your mentor may be a person outside of your workplace. Do not limit yourself or your network.

  • Career Advisors - support is predominantly instrumental and career-related, involving job or professional needs. As a result, these relationships may be shorter in duration; and serve a specific purpose.

  • Career Guides - give professional/personal development advice that is often triggered by specific events, like a career crisis/pivot, salary negotiation, performance review, or a critical career change.

The Marcus Garrett

Your Audit Curator

After surviving the mean streets of the inner suburbs, Marcus Garrett obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and went on to become a multi-award-winner (Best New Personal Finance Podcast; and Best Millennial or Gen Z Blog - Plutus Awards; Story of the Year - GoBankingRates) and best-selling author (D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying). In his decade of experience as a certified internal auditor, he was an Innovation and Staff Development Manager for teams of up to 80 FTE. Additionally, as the child of a college professor, Mr. Garrett has been lectured his entire life. However, he has shared his expertise at companies like CBS News, Google, Yahoo Finance, and many more.