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What You Will Learn

Mentorship - an expert in a field who inspires and guides you to be better. Watch only the videos you need. Download the Calls to Action Guide. Cancel anytime.

  • Personal Finances - the money plan you or your household puts together for budgeting, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement planning, and much more.

  • Personal Guides - a source of support as role models or as sources of motivation and inspiration.

  • Personal Advisors - serve as an emotional outlet or sounding board, offer friendship and/or provide acceptance and confirmation of capabilities.

  • Mentors - provide the protégé with a wide range of career and social support. Your mentor may be a person outside of your workplace. Do not limit yourself or your network.

  • Career Advisors - support is predominantly instrumental and career-related, involving job or professional needs. As a result, these relationships may be shorter in duration; and serve a specific purpose.

  • Career Guides - give professional/personal development advice that is often triggered by specific events, like a career crisis/pivot, salary negotiation, performance review, or a critical career change.